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How the beauties from Twin Peaks looks like now after another surgery

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle became famous for her leading role in the cult TV series Twin Peaks.

After that, there were many more roles and films, and she seemed to forever remain young and beautiful.

But vanity has a price – despite good intentions and an exclusive desire to look her best, the surgeries have done real damage to her beauty.

Today Lara is far from the beauty that the audience is used to. Due to numerous plastic surgeries, she is now almost unrecognizable.

Lara (51) once had perfect facial features, but today her enlarged lips are striking, which radically changed her appearance.

The actress never admitted to plastic surgery, the first signs of this can be seen in the early 2000s when she was dating Jack Nicholson.

When she married real estate agent Donald Ray in 2006, there was a noticeable change in her face again.

Lara’s face, as it is now, looks swollen, which may be the result of a spilled filler, which made her cheeks sag.

In an interview 12 years ago, Lara admitted that she was afraid of getting old and that the number of roles that she would be offered would be significantly reduced:

I know my time is running out. It’s just that there aren’t many roles for older women in Hollywood. I don’t like aging at all – I think I look good now.