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Celebrities who abandoned the children

Jackie Chan

The famous actor had a brief affair with former Miss China Elaine Ng. In 1999, Elaine gave birth to a daughter, Etta. In early 2020, Etta stated that she and her girlfriend were kicked out of the house because her parents are homophobes. Jackie Chan did not recognize paternity and did not help. In retaliation, Etta said, “I couldn’t call him my father”.

Dr. Dre

The eldest daughter of the singer La Tanya Young was born in a marriage with Lisa Jackson. She once stated that she had not seen her father for over 17 years. Also, she is raising four children and needs money, but he never tried to help her: “I’m not asking for money, I can do everything myself, but I would like to spend time with my father.” And he, by the way, never even saw his grandchildren! You might think that Dre’s young wife forbids him to communicate with her daughter, but she filed for divorce – and nothing has changed.

Anthony Hopkins

From 1966 to 1972, the actor was married to Petronella Barker, in 1968 they became Abigail’s parents. Subsequently, Hopkins married twice more and declared his first marriage unsuccessful. In 2018, Abigail admitted that she hadn’t spoken to her father for over 20 years. Anthony confirmed these words and said that he didn’t even know if he had grandchildren. Now they still avoid each other.