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Weird names of celebrities’ children

Bear Blaze

The third husband of Hollywood actress Kate Winslet bears the strange name Ned Rocknroll. They named their baby Bear Blaze. When Kate was young, her nickname was Bear and she wanted her third child to bear that name.

Bear Blu

If Kate Winslet’s child is faced with ridicule, it will be a little easier for him, since he has a namesake who lives with the same name for 2 years longer. In 2011, actress Alicia Silverstone and her husband Christopher Jarecki decided to give their newborn son the name Bear Blu.

Bronx Mowgli

Actress and singer Ashlee Simpson and her ex-husband Peter Wentz decided to name their son Mowgli, inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s book The Jungle Book. Probably, the couple paid tribute to the fashion of naming the child by the name of where he was born, so his first name is the Bronx.

Harper Seven

English football legend David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham have four children and the smallest of them, a beautiful girl, bears the strange name Harper Seven. Yes, there is indeed the number “seven” in her name, and apparently, the reason for choosing this name relates to her father: David wore the number 7 jersey when he played for the England national team and Manchester United.

North West

The reality TV and social media star, model Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband, rap musician Kanye West, did not seem to think when they called their daughter North, which in combination with the surname Kanye gives Northwest. The star couple claimed that they chose for spiritual reasons.