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3 actors who pissed off their fans

Scarlett Johansson The actress regretted having agreed to filming in Ghost in the Shell in 2017. Before the film was released, during its distribution, and for several years after, the public cites her as the main example of Hollywood’s whitewashing of ethnic minorities. And as soon as the press learned that Scarlett Johansson would play […]

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Oscar 1940 racist scandal

Back in 1940, there was no talk of equality in the United States. Moreover, such a concept as “racial segregation” was widespread. African Americans were not allowed to use the same bathroom, cutlery, and white clothing.

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Celebrities who abandoned the children

Jackie Chan The famous actor had a brief affair with former Miss China Elaine Ng. In 1999, Elaine gave birth to a daughter, Etta. In early 2020, Etta stated that she and her girlfriend were kicked out of the house because her parents are homophobes. Jackie Chan did not recognize paternity and did not help. […]

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4 actresses who look much better on screen than in real life

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart always looks flawless on screen and on the red carpet. She is used to shocking the audience with unusual outfits, bold hairstyles, and makeup. Every time, the details of her image are carefully verified, which cannot be said about the actress’s clothes for every day. While walking around the city, the […]